New Currency University: InnerLeader Interviews

The New Currency InnerLeaders Share their Wisdom

Jack Palis

Jack Palis in corporate America as Environmental Engineer for 35 years.  He graduated from Tufts University and received a Master from Notre Dame. He has been married to Penni for 29 years and has two children. 

Lucille Bolton

Lucille is one of twenty siblings in her family. She grew up in McClain Mississippi  and established her family in Sherman Texas. She is  a full time, Aunt, Mother and Grandmother and is on call for God as a Minister.  - Amen!

Tory Bailey

Tory's dream was to play football at Penn State until he blew if knee out at 16 years old. Living in Nashville he turned to country music and played on the big stage. He has funded his career as a serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping people with cancer.

Jodi Greene

Jodi attend school to become a paralegal and understands the challenges of being a single parent living in Las Vegas. She is very engaged to her high school crush Mike and EMT,  and together they are raising 4 children and a dog. 

Mary Spicer

Dr. Mary attended Mundelein College, Chicago, IL and earned a BA in Religious Studies, attended the National University for her Doctor of Chiropractic and had a private practice for 20 years. She is a mother one young man who has a love for Rugby. Mary values health and is at home in nature. 

Candace Rivero

Candace grew up in Florida, attended the school of life and has one son. She is a full-time RV'er and certified RV driving school instructor with a passion for traveling. She has visited 48 states, some of Canada and Mexico.

Malcolm Pennington

Malcolm was born in the UK attended the school of life before moving to Spain to launch a real estate company that at it's peak had over 150 employees. He battled the recession and realized the fate of most developers. He turned to technology and has become a proficient online marketer.

Joseph Mitchell

Joseph attended University and went on to earn a Masters in Philosophy and a Ph.D in World Religion. He has been mentored by Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor as a Thinking in to Results coach. He has been married to his wife Karen for 14 years. They currency reside in Hawaii.

Lee Oshea

Lee grew up in the United Kingdom, spent 12 years in the British Military as a medic. He spent 10 years in Iraq with Halliburton. He lives in Dubai with his wife and two children. He is the international marketing director for 11 hospitals. 

Keith Bliss

Keith attended Northern Michigan  and has spent his life as a serial entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. He owned a TCBY franchise and participated in several other restaurant theme. He is married to Betty and has two children and has dreams of traveling the world.

Margie Scott

Margie attended the school of life. She is a Master Certified Retreat and Life Coach. She is challenged with Lymes disease and started the Floyd County Lymes Disease Center. She also raises chickens to supply eggs to the local hotels. She is conscious about the earth

Ken Benson

Ken attended the school of life and has enjoyed a career in professional sales for 30 years. he loves people and enjoys providing solutions to peoples problems. He has 2 children and has been married to Deanna for 31 years. He has lived in CA,TN, ID and currently resides in TX.Chat Conversation End