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Meet Tom

Tom is a 'Disruptionista', he thrives on business models that disrupt companies, industries and countries. Speaking to audiences around the world he is known for his ability help people clearly understand what digital currency is and how people can make it part of their lifestyle . As it relates to digital currency, he coined the term The 7th Disruption and in his book he creates an unequivocal argument for how digital currency will disrupt the trillion dollar behemoth banking and finance industry. He lives and breaths the 'CoinLifestyle' and has a mission to help millions of people adopt the 'future of internet money.' He believes the choice for people today, is to adopt a new currency without debt that has the opportunity to appreciate in value, or, to 'stay the course' with debt-ridden currency that erodes in value every year. The first six disruptions created trillion dollar markets and reshaped human culture. The 7th Disruption is going to create an evolution in finance on a magnitude that has never been seen before.



logoDigital Currency, it is the 7th Disruption...It's the sign of positive change and hope for the future in many ways! We've aligned ourselves for the new frontier of the 7th Disruption which will enable us do digital transactions, instantly, without fees and without the use of financial institutions! What a brilliant idea whose time has come!logo

Randy & Crystal Spath, Washington State


logoThe 7th Disruption is enlightening and inspiring! Tom does an outstanding job providing a historical view of six major technological disruptions that have impacted and shaped our lives and society in ways that many people couldn't imagine...Knowledgeable, insightful, enter-taining and funny, Tom has me all in!logo

Jack Palis, New Jersey


The 7th Disruption had me at just the intro i could not put it down i was hooked in minutes, it was like a breathe of fresh air that got my adrenaline going. I mean how exciting is it that there is now something like this happening in the world right now!! This book goes into great detail on the past disruptions that have changed the world and created TRILLION DOLLAR industries. For me it is the best book i have read that explains how digital currency is changing the world and is the future of transactions. What the internet did for information this will do for money i have no doubt about it.logo

Joby Boughey, United Kingdom


logoThe 7th Disruption is an absolute master piece. Thomas McMurrain brilliantly simplifies the digital currency movement what will go down as the largest disruption in world history. Timing couldn’t be any more perfect for those serious about financial freedom. Read this book a hundred times and dominate through a CoinLifestyle.logo

Robert Black, Jr., California


logoI was introduced to the CoinLifestyle in January of this year. The more I learned about it, the more excited I became. Because of my digital currency appreciating, I will be able to retire earlier than I could have ever anticipated and be young enough to enjoy it. The 7th Disruption and the CoinLifestyle opened my eyes to a whole new way of life. No more working 70 hours a week building someone elses dream. This is the future of money and it is changing lives daily.logo

Hallelujah - Sheri Hilliard, Illinois


logo Join the new paradigm, or as Tom coins it, The 7th Disruption. A short witty read and brilliant synopsis leading to the epic rise of digital currency, his timely book provides a 24-carat history lesson of the previous 6 disruptions, paints a distinct picture of the present, and draws you into the future age of digital currency, where he immerses you into the possibilities of the business and social change sure to come. Be disrupted, then, be a digital currency disruptionista, and you too like I, will feel more empowered and convicted.logo

Keith Bliss, Illinois

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| By Thomas McMurrain


The 7th Disruption

Disruptions create trillion dollar markets, reshape human culture, bankrupt companies, dissolve industries and create revolutions in countries. Nothing is impervious to disruption. The music industry, Blockbuster Video, and the Twitter-led revolution in Egypt are all examples of what lines of computer code can do to take down any Goliath. There are David's all over the world tapping away on their keyboard, dreaming up the next disruption. If you are smart enough create the next Napster, AirBNB, or Uber, you can become a multi-billionaire almost overnight...but if you are really smart, you can position a product and service in front of the next disruption and make millions without understanding a line of programming code. In the last 100 years six disruptions notably TV, Internet, email, mobile, e-commerce, and social media have created 1,000's of multi-billion dollar industries. It is my prediction the 7th Disruption is going to topple the biggest industry in the world and it began in 2008! Education of digital currency will lead to mass adoption and almost overnight 100's of millions of people around the world will join the CoinLifestyle. The 7th Disruption is real and it is now! Are you going to be the next digital currency billionaire?

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