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Buy Your Autoparts With Bitcoin

Those who have been using Bitcoin since the early days know how frustrating it was to have this great currency instrument only to discover that it was very difficult to find businesses that would let you pay for their goods and services with it. In fact, you had a hard just trying to explain what it was.

So you found your own community of people who would take and waited. Slowly but surely, Bitcoin grew. More and more people knew about it and more and more people would let you pay for things with it.

As time went on, businesses started to come around, mostly small businesses and primarily because customers continued to inquire. The number of small businesses grew and then it started catching the attention of the media. As it began to look as though this was something that would stick around and wasn’t just some fad or scam that eventually the government would put a stop to, other savvy retailers started to sit up and take notice.  

It took a while, but Amazon and Zappas, large online retailers, jumped on the bandwagon and began accepting Bitcoins for payment. It took them awhile, but they did it. With no adverse reactions that anyone could see, CVS, Sears and K-Mart joined the digital revolution. So you could now buy just about anything you needed except a full line of auto parts – until now.

That’s right. At long last, you can buy auto parts for just about any car imaginable, you can do it online and you can do it with Bitcoin. Autopartsway. Com, a New York based online auto parts retailer serving the United States and Canada, has just made the leap and will let you buy your auto parts with Bitcoin.

It’s about time, isn’t it? Who doesn’t need auto parts at some point in time or another? This is a great boon for further legitimizing Bitcoin and for Bitcoin enthusiasts. In a press release, Autopartsway stated that they decided to offer Bitcoin as a payment method due to customer requests. They decided that the customer experience would be enhanced by adding the digital crypto-currency to the standard payment methods of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Remember, it took a while for PayPal to be recognized too, but look at it now.

Autopartsway says that using Bitcoin will enable them to facility payments at fast speeds and that adding this payment option is simply the right way to treat their customers. With a search feature that lets you thousands of parts for every car imaginable that is on the road, Autopartsway is certain that adding this payment method will also increase their sales. After all, you have to give the customer what they want if you want to keep the customer.