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OneLife on Target for $6 Billion in Revenue

OneCoin- OneLife making quick headway towards becoming one of the world’s top grossing direct selling companies in 2017

April 26, 2017: It’s no secret that OneCoin along with their marketing wing OneLife have been the target of bad press for a while now, but even that hasn’t stopped the network from hitting the ball out of the park with sales topping more than $500 million a month.

If they keep growing at this pace, it wouldn’t be long before the company would be listed down among the world’s largest direct selling prospect in the year 2017; surpassing even the popular corporate giants like Amway and Avon.

Earlier this year, the OneCoin – OneLife network of companies expressed their future intent to go public with the venture. A press release published by the company stated:

“It is with great pride that we announce the first steps OneCoin is taking toward being publicly traded.

The press release further pointed out that they are announcing their impending public offering 15 months prior to the intended date of going public, so that they, along with the interested investors can prepare for it well in advance. OneCoin officially plans to go public  by the second quarter of next year, and wants their shares to be available for everyone interested in trading (buying & selling) their OneCoins.

OneCoin aims to be the first ever listed crypto-currency, e-commerce, and fin-tech company on the stock exchange. To achieve that purpose, the company has initiated an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for their members, to allow them ample opportunity to participate in this monumental event. However, the company was quick to clarify that the IPO was only meant for people hold OneCoins at that time.

Over the next few months, holders of OneCoins will have the choice to either retain possession or exchange these OneCoins for the company’s OFCs. For those of you not familiar with an OFC; it is a Future Certificate, which entitles the holders to receive a company’s shares in exchange at a later date.

As the company prepares for the IPO, their platform will remain closed for the entire duration. For people interested in being a part of the IPO, the company says this is a good time to exchange their OneCoins for OFCs or explore their recently launched e-commerce website

About OneCoin – OneLife

OneLife is an exclusive network marketing company, dedicated to providing financial education and flexible work-from-home opportunities to members who sign up for it. Over the years, the OneLife Network has expanded its portfolio beyond education to products and services aimed at providing new and increased opportunities to the members. Visit, for more information.